Does my business need a CRM system?
CRM systems have been shown to increase sales performance by providing information about the most profitable groups of customers that you should focus on to drive business. By tracking your interactions with customers, your sales team will have up to date information about opportunities, allowing them to collaborate more effectively to move forward.

How does Zuos bring Opentaps to your business?
Conduct a comprehensive diagnostic of existing accounting processes, staffand training resources.
It is critical to createa baseline assessment to identify any gaps in preparedness. We recommend identifying an independent source to validate critical migration functions, outline transition costs and perform impartial staff appraisals.

Appoint a Project Management Officer. Successful implementations are often a direct result of the leaders organizing and managing day-to-day activities. It is important to designate or acquire a seasoned professional with the critical PMO and accounting expertise to facilitate change management effectively. This liaison should be a single point of contact for the project deliverables who canbe held accountable to the activity timetables.

Survey finance employees to ascertain appropriate training methods. Training will be a key component during IFRS transition. Identify those training delivery mechanisms specific to your organization. Evaluate feedback from your finance team on what they consider the most effective methods for training. This could include webinars, classroom sessions, one-on-one training, onsite/offsite training, and ongoing training requirements.

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